The New Flamenco Fashion

In the era of globalization now every time countries feel closer and cultures are contagious, so has happened with flamenco fashion that has spread around the world being one of the pieces that should not be missing in the wardrobe of any girl , followed by semi-formal dresses and black blazers.

And it is that catwalks such as the International Week of Flamenco Fashion that has many years of experience, have given a huge projection that even come from different countries to see the famous catwalk. It is one of the best known local fashions internationally, but its economic impact is impressive and although there are currently no recent studies that measure flamenco fashion. This market is so big that it is difficult to have the exact number of companies that are dedicated to this sector, even more difficult to know the turnover or the number of jobs it generates.

But what we do know and we are very sure is that international trends and designers have already succumbed to flamenco fashion. One of the factors that have made flamenco fashion to be known around the world is thanks to the Andalusian Agency of Foreign Promotion that since the beginning of the century has strongly supported the international projection of flamenco fashion. According to the entity, the priority countries to publicize the sector are Japan, the United States and China. Although countries like Poland, United Kingdom, Morocco, Russia, Germany, Portugal, France and Chile have also been addressed.

It is interesting how flamenco dancing in Japan has made this country the most important for flamenco fashion since they have shown an immense love for the Andalusian way of life throughout history. It is not surprising then that there is a large number of flamenco dance academies, it is said that approximately there are more than 600 academies with an approximate of 50,000 students learning flamenco.